Where Did Taylor Swift go?

Taylor Swift, some of you know her as the singer who tops all the billboard charts, some of you know her as the one singer your daughter can’t seem to get enough of. Regardless of how you know her, the one thing we can take from this is, she became a household name as fast as she rose to success. With her albums hitting commercial success and her songs all over the radio, it’s almost impossible to get away from her. Not to mention her many celebrity flings she’s found herself in, dating stars such as: Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, to likes of greats such as Tim McGraw and John Mayer. She’s been all over the world selling out shows in places we all wish we could have gone to, to selling out albums in every store possible.

Every other year is when she’d drop a new album, but lately there has seem to be a sort of a silence from her. Which leads many of us to question, where did Taylor Swift go? It’s hard to imagine that one of this generations biggest pop icons disappearing out of thin air. With the only thing being her latest rumored beef with pop sensation Katy Perry, we haven’t heard much from Swift this year. Well there’s an answer to that question, Tigerbeat.com has answered the question earlier this month. In an articled titled “The Real Reason Taylor Swift Disappeared from the Spotlight.” they claim a source said that she decided to take some time off.

“Taylor made the conscious choice to disappear. She was feeling overexposed and like things were almost spiraling out of control. She’s being low-key and secretive (right now) because it makes her happy.” said the source. And stated previously in this piece she was almost impossible to get away from, but it’s safe to say that she felt the same way about the attention. So Taylor if you get a chance to read this, have a good break and enjoy your free time!

Kanye West Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Kanye West has been a hot topic for the better part of the last decade. It seems that no matter how hard the media tried to focus on literally anything else, the focus would be pulled back to West after he pulled some ridiculous stunt or said something egregiously offensive. But lately it seems that even though reports are still coming in as steadily as ever, people seem disenchanted by the rap icon anymore. In many ways Kanye West doesn’t matter anymore. There are a few primary reasons why the general public just isn’t as engrossed in West as they were even a few months ago.

The Music Wanes

Sure, he can still sell out stadiums. What Kanye West can’t seem to do anymore though is regain the fire that brought him to the level of prominence that he has enjoyed over the last several years. Even with all the hype from people about the release of Yeezus, this and the past several albums following his profound successes with The College Dropout and Late Registration, audiences are yearning for less of beef lyrics and more about overcoming tragedy and rising with the cream. Unfortunately, once you feel like you’re the greatest rapper of all time, it’s easy to run out of unique ways to say that over numerous tracks on an album.

The Kanye No One Gets

As much as Kanye thinks that he is the greatest, his actions are alienating more and more of the people that have led him to this conclusion. Take for instance his latest outburst with his audience, claiming that he would have voted for Donald Trump if he actually bothered to go out and vote. While this in itself is not so bad, Kanye couldn’t just leave it at that. He went on to say that black people need to get over racism. The country is a racist country and while Trump might not exactly be on the “Black Lives Matter” train or supporting women’s rights in any way, they need to just move on. This is in direct opposition to a strongly opinionated 2005 West who blasted then President Bush for not doing enough for black people after Hurricane Katrina.

The Britney Spears Affliction

Once an artist reaches a point in which they are naturally fading from the lime light and media focus, they have to constantly try to outdo themselves to still bring themselves up in conversation. Much like the debacle of the awards ceremony where West crashed on Taylor Swift’s victory, he then felt compelled to say the two could likely still have sex for nothing more than to get himself talked about again. It is difficult for Kanye West to realize that Kanye West doesn’t matter anymore. It also provides a situation much like when Britney Spears cut off her hair and spoke in a British accent for a short time. Pressures of not being famous like she once was were causing a fracture in her brain. That is manifesting itself in Kanye with all of his reported paranoia and hospital stays. It’s just an unfortunate side effect of the lime light shifting focuses.

These are a few of the key reasons why Kanye West doesn’t matter anymore. Sure, he likely has a few big tricks up his sleeve to get talked about a few more times, but the clock is ticking on his media light. Instead of putting his efforts into being a crass representation of fame, he should be focusing his efforts on making music too memorable to ever be forgotten.

Using Music as Medicine Hits All The Right Notes


Using music as medicine is nothing new.

Remember the age-old expression, “Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast?” It shows the power of music to calm nerves, release tension and relax the mind and body. Mothers have always known that a gentle lullaby is the best medicine for a cranky, restless baby.

What is new, however, is the way scientific researchers are discovering how music can fight disease and promote recovery. This is a very exciting part of alternative medicine that is now attracting widespread attention in mainstream America.

Music is Baby’s First Medicine

Music has been proven to dramatically reduce stress on premature babies and their parents, partly because it drowns out the beeping of ventilators and the whirring sounds of Intensive Care Unit pumps, according to a study in Pediatrics magazine. The infants’ sleeping and eating habits improved when they were serenaded.

The study included 272 premature babies, and tested three types of therapies:

– A lullaby sung by the baby’s parents

– An Ocean Disc machine which recreates the sounds of the womb

– A Gato Box which simulates two-tone heartbeat rhythms

Results showed that parental singing was by far the best medicine. It not only calmed the baby and reduced its heart rate significantly, but the lullabies also increased the time they stayed quiet and alert. The Gato Box and Ocean Disc machine fared poorly compared to human songs.

Using Music to Treat Stress and Pain

Today, the concept of using melodies, sound frequencies and rhythm to treat illness is being studied at McGill University in Montreal as the “neuroscience of music.” It has been found that music improves the immune system, fights stress, and is more effective than prescription drugs in reducing anxiety in patients awaiting surgery.

One of the main reasons music has such a profound effect on overall health and wellness is that listening to soothing music increases the body’s antibodies, such as immunoglobulin A, which attack viruses and fortify the immune system. Another reason is music’s ability to ward off cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone.

Good Vibrations

When using music as medicine, you are really tapping into the healing power of vibrations. Recent experiments show that sound vibrations may be able to ease the symptoms of fibromyalgia, depression and Parkinson’s Disease. In this latest treatment, called vibroacoustic therapy, patients lie on mat embedded with speakers which transmit the vibrations throughout the body.

The Parkinson’s patients are exposed to low-frequency music (bass notes) for one minute at a time, followed by one minute of silence, for ten minutes. Preliminary results point to noticeable improvement in patients’ quality of life, including reduced tremors and more confident movement.

Scientists hope that one day soon, apps on your smart phone will be able to sense what type of music you need for mental focus or to unwind after a workout, and that anesthesiologists in hospital operating rooms will be replaced by vibroacoustic technicians.

After all, if laughter is the better medicine, then music is the world’s best aftercare.

What Is Music Therapy And Does It Work?

Music therapy is truly a wonderful intervention and healing presence.
Why is that? The answer is abundantly clear. Music therapy can perform so many miracles for many who do need its presence in their life. What is music therapy? Music therapy is no other than a highly established and professional form of health profession. It is used with musictherapya therapeutic approach, as well as, therapeutic relationship to address many needs of individuals from all over the world. What are these needs? These needs are based on each person. The needs can range from being emotional to cognitive to social in description. The one thing that music therapy does promote is a sense of healing, calm, and positivity which people do need for whatever their reason may be specifically.

The plan of treatment that each musical therapy professional does use is based on the personal requirements for each patient. Because, to be honest, music therapy is mos effective when it is striving to achieve a certain goal and that certain goal is usually a healing like no other. What makes music therapy so great is clear. What is that? It is no other than the fact that it has numerous healing benefits. These numerous healing benefits are why it does prove to be so effective in delivery to those who need it the most on a regular basis.

130822131159-music-therapy-boston-horizontal-large-gallery Research has shown one beneficial aspect of music therapy. What is that aspect? It is no other than its diverse ability to adapt to different uses for it overall. What this translates to is very clear. It has shown to be very effective in key areas. These key areas are no other than physical rehabilitation and influence movement for people as personal forms of motivation. Why is this motivation important? It is crucial to permitting patients to become engaged in their own outlined plans of treatment overall. The right emotional support is what is created from the treatment and application of music therapy. Music therapy does indeed work wonders and these wonders are totally from a medical angle that have the power to heal and make people better who are afflicted with physical, emotional, and mental illnesses.

There are many personal stories of triumph among people, who have been exposed to music therapy, and who have been healed of their many issues because of the wonderful sound and treatment that does define music therapy as a whole.

Choosing Bluetooth Speakers as a Gift

There are some individuals in your life who seem to have everything and who don’t seem to be in need of anything when it comes time for you to purchase a gift for them. There are some who are hard to please when it comes to the gifts that you can buy and give. When it comes to such individuals, you will find that there are electronic gadgets that can please them and that can give them all that they are looking to get. There are gadgets that can bring joy into the lives of those who seem to have everything, and Bluetooth speakers work out well as a gift.now-you-can-color-the-jawbone-jambox-as-loud-as-it-plays-bad49cc39f

When you are looking for water proof Bluetooth speakers that you can use as a gift, you want to pay attention to the price of the speakers that you are considering. You have a certain amount of money that you plan to spend on the gift that you are buying, and you need to find speakers that are going to fit with that budget. It is important to find speakers that are high in quality, but it is also important to make sure that the speakers that you pick out are low in price and that they will work out for you in regard to your gift giving budget.

jbl-pulse-2-10As you are picking out speakers to use as a gift, you want to find those speakers that are made by a good brand. It is important that those who make the speakers that you buy are known for making good devices. If you are going to be giving Bluetooth speakers as a gift, choose those speakers that come to you through the brand that is known for doing things in a good way and for always delivering quality in regard to the products that they put out.

Choosing a gift for someone who seems to have everything can be hard to do, but there are some gift options out there that will work out for that person in your life who you are having trouble surprising. When you choose to buy Bluetooth speakers, you can surprise someone who doesn’t seem to need anything and you can give them a gift that will mean a lot to you. When you choose quality speakers, you can make such a person happy and you can provide them with something that they will put to use and that they will love using. Bluetooth speakers are a great gift option for a variety of individuals.

David Lee Murphy

Many people have forgotten how great music from the 90s was. There were a few artists from every genre that54th+Annual+GRAMMY+Awards+Arrivals+z44x6e3VJRCmstuck out big time in a good way. One of these was a country artist called David Lee Murphy.

Illinois-born singer was signed to MCA Records of Nashville, Tennessee in 1994. He brought a powerful voice and some serious talent with him and his guitar.
He recorded four major albums:

  •  Out With A Bang,
  • Gettin’ Out The Good Stuff,
  • We Can’t All Be Angels, and
  •  Tryin’ To Get There.

His first three albums were released by MCA, his fourth was released from Koch Records, also in Nashville. From these albums he released 13 singles for playing on country radio.
Many great country artists from that era when country was worth listening to had songs written or co-written by David Lee Murphy. Reba McEntire, Doug Stone, and Kenny Chesney, Brooks & Dunn, Mongomery Gentry, Hank Williams Jr., and Lee Roy Parnell and many others have done work with Murphy.
David Lee Murphy now lives on a farm outside of Nashville, doing mainly songwriting. He lives with his wife and their three sons.

His commitment to a good time is obvious throughout the new CD, Tryin’ To Get There, the acclaimed rabble-rouser’s first album since signing with Audium Records. On it, he takes up where he left off with such earlier hits as the rowdy anthem “Party Crowd,” the stirring “Dust on the Bottle“, the hooky “Every Time I Get Around You”, and the soulful “Road You Leave Behind”.

maxresdefault (6) If anything, Murphy has raised the stakes: His raucous songs rock with more swagger, and his neon-lit honky tonk tunes show more wisdom and soul. “I’ve always been about edgy, blue-collar, working-class country that’s done with heart and soul,” Murphy explains. “It’s rockin’, it’s fun and it’s real. It’s about what people do in their lives, especially when they’re in the mood to live it up a bit.”

As usual, the tall dark-haired, blue-eyed singer sets his own musical direction. His independent, in your face, no holds barred attitude is right where the current country music pendelum is returning. Murphy says, “There’s a whole world of people out there who’ve always loved the rowdier side of country music. They’ll respond to your music if it’s hard-hitting and honest.”

Album Tracks
Be sure not to miss out on any of these amazing songs. They were written, or co-written, and recorded by David Lee Murphy.

  • Out With A Bang
  • Can’t Turn it Off
  • Party Crowd
  • Mama ‘n Them
  • High Weeds and Rust
  • Fish Ain’t Bitin’
  • Out With a Bang

And Many More…

Benefits of Music

It’s scientifically proven that listening to music, or even playing a musical instrument has a lot of mental growth benefits. Your memory improves, you’re able to think things through more, and if you listen to a certain song while studying, then when you go to take the test, simply thinking about a few lyrics from that song can help you remember a lot of what you studied.

There’s no surprise that a lot of the ‘smart kids’ in school are the ones that are involved with the musical classes and programs. I know the high school I went to, the valedictorians of my class were all in band or choir. That says a lot about the entire idea of music and how important it is to people.


As humans, we emotionally connect with specific types of music; on Spotify you can entire radio stations off of one mood. They even have a whole category for you to choose from. It’s recommended that if you’re sad you should listen to happy music to lift your spirits but if you’ve gone through a bad break up I think it’s okay.

If we look at our brains while our favorite kind of music is on, we see that it cools off, calms down, and released dopamine. Dopamine is basically the ‘happy hormone’; it’s the feeling that spreads through you when you laugh, or do something fun. These happy chemicals are always on the move when music is playing, meaning that best music speakers literally puts you in a better mood.

A lot of schools like to take away band and choir budgets to put more funding into the sports programs, and while they are important to students, music sits at a high place of importance to kids too. They tried to take away a lot of the band program in my high school and because of that, the concert band kids, the kids in marching band, and even the ones in jazz band all gathered together and held a large conference with the public schools department about how much that would negatively effect the school and the students.

It’s incredibly vital that we encourage people to either take up an instrument or keep music relevant in their lives. Some of the happiest and most well-rounded people I know were involved in music somehow growing up, so it’s definitely worth looking into. Also, they say that playing music for babies helps them develop skills faster and more efficiently. And who doesn’t like watching babies dance?